Meet the Team


The success of Capital Veneering lies in the passion and skill of our talented team. Meet the team and get to know the people who are excited to collaborate with you and bring your vision to life.


Ben Madden

Managing director Ben brings 25 years of experience in HR, IR, finance and estimating, strategic planning, and capital investment to the Capital Veneering table. Upon completion of his cabinet making apprenticeship, Ben spent 12 months in the UK making high-end furniture before returning to Canberra and opening Capital Veneering. He is passionate about staff training and development, and excited to provide opportunities for his team to succeed in life. He has never broken a bone in his life.

James Saffery

Director and Operations manager James has over 20 years of experience in cabinet making and joinery. He oversees Capital Veneering’s operations, managing resource levels to ensure the company meets commitments and quality standards. An active outdoorsman, he enjoys biking, surfing, snowboarding, camping, and gardening while having a few beers.


Anthony Storey

Project manager and estimator Tony has been in residential joinery estimation, sales, and design for over 45 years. He is passionate about leading projects with a team that possesses an extensive range of administrative and trade skills. A Coca-Cola aficionado, Tony was born in South Australia and attended 7 schools!

Matthew Foley

Site manager Matt has more than 25 years of experience in site management, installation training, and mentoring. Passionate about providing joinery to the standard for which Capital Veneering has become renowned, Matt is particular about delivering extra attention to detail. In his spare time, this amateur cook also enjoys reading modern warfare novels.

Oliver Baker

Fab shop manager Oli oversees the fabrication of joinery by managing the fab shop staff at Capital Veneering. He coordinates between project managers, pre-production, the paint shop, the machine shop, and the delivery team. Born in Hong Kong, Oli loves to travel and likes his coffee strong with no sugar.


Andy Mann

Pre-Production Manager Andy oversees the detailing department and machine shop, managing software, libraries and labour resources to be truly efficient. He also manages commercial projects when the workload is high. Passionate about his family and four-wheel drives, Andy takes his coffee in the biggest mug possible.

Matthew Frost

Project manager and detailer Matt brings over 20 years of experience in managing commercial joinery projects and detailing complex joinery items. An avid biker, he enjoys his coffee white with none.

Peter Bailey

Pete brings more than three decades of experience into his work as site supervisor. His keen eye for detail and passion to train the next generation of tradesmen makes him an ideal and sought-after project manager for site installations. In his spare time, Pete likes to go camping and fish.

Mark Gallagher

Contract administrator and estimator Mark has more than 40 years of experience in the building industry. He prepares and submits commercial tenders; once projects are won, he sets up and hands over jobs to our project managers. One of six brothers and sisters, Mark enjoys sports and taking his coffee white with one.

Ben Stevens

Benny enjoys his work as workshop manager at Capital Veneering, where he manages and forecasts workshop labour and logistics on commercial projects. He ensures program dates are met and the quality of work is of a high standard. A certified tea lover, Benny loves to travel, trying to visit a new country every year.

Taylor Perrin

Commercial project manager and commercial estimator are two of the many roles played by qualified tradeswoman Taylor. She is extremely passionate about getting the job done to the highest standards. Prior to beginning her trade at 19, she played three seasons for the Bungendore Tigers and was also a professional dancer.


Chantal Atkinson

Chantal brings a keen sense of humour to her work as Finance and Human Resources Manager. She looks after the day-to-day finances of the company, as well as recruitment, contracts, and industrial relations. She balances all that good fun with even more fun, snacking on chicken-flavoured Twisties while dreaming of one day rebuilding a vintage MG convertible.